INR 53100

Course duration
180 day(s)
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“Fetal Cardiac Scanning” is a knowledge-based training that covers subjects such as normal and abnormal fetal heart, the impact of labor interventions and risk management, faculty assessment, invited talks and Real-life case examples that give practitioners the chance to learn from different scenarios. This training demonstrates several imaging techniques, from M-mode techniques to color Doppler that can be used to evaluate the fetal heart anomalies. These techniques can contribute majorly in the understanding of normal and abnormal fetal heart and can also extend the benefits of the prenatal cardiac screening. With the introduction of the so-called "virtual planes" to fetal cardiac examination, we are able to obtain views of the fetal heart that are not generally accessible with the use of standard 2D examination.This high-quality, intense learning program is innovative and sets the standard of training for Radiologists, Obstetricians, and Gynecologists.

Module 1 - Introduction to Normal Heart
  • Screening, Use of Colour Doppler & ISUOG Guidelines
  • Normal Heart
  • Normal Four Chamber Heart