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2nd onsite Gynae Ultrasound Program(GUP)

FMF – UK Anomaly Certification – Theory Course and Practical Exam

Expert Faculty

Our fetal and gynae imaging experts will take you step by step through our structured curriculum with modern student centric teaching methodologies.

Structured Curriculum

The ultrasound courses are designed to enhance the clinical skills of medical. Professionals associated with fetal and gynaecology imaging

Convenient Timings

Choose your own timings and learn about fetal and gynae imaging from anywhere in the world. FGi offers both online and onsite options to deliver courses.

Popular Courses

Fetal Ultrasound Program

An advanced 14 months online course with emphasis on acquiring normal planes, detect and manage common abnormalities.

Gynae Ultrasound Program

A comprehensive skill enhancing course pertaining to ultrasound in gynecology. Interactive lectures encompassing all aspects of gynae US, from basics to advanced.

The First Trimester Scan

This is a 6 months course aimed at optimally performing the first trimester scan, to maximize the detection of chromosomal and structural anomalies in the fetus.

Basic Genetics

Basic Genetics is an eight-hour seminar on various aspects of genetics that every practitioner dealing with pregnancy should be aware of.

Expert Faculty Team

Fetal and Gynae Imaging (FGi) is an amalgamation of some well-renowned names in the field of Fetal & Gynaecology Imaging. These highly experienced fetal medicine and gynae ultrasound specialists are delighted to share their knowledge through the FGi platform. These online ultrasound courses are a result of years of dedicated practice and research in the field of fetal ultrasound, gynaecology and fetal echocardiography.

Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan
Fetal Medicine Specialist
Bangalore, India

Dr. Supriya Seshadri

Fetal Medicine and Gynecological Ultrasound Specialist
Bangalore, India

Dr. Veena Acharya

Fetal Medicine Specialist
Bangalore, India

Dr. Meenakshi Bhat

Clinical Geneticist
Bangalore, India